Buying Brand New Buying a New Build Home

Buying Brand New

Buying a New Build Home

Today we’re coming to you live from the Bramming Farms at the Richmond home site to give you a look at these gorgeous model homes and some details about the process of buying a new build. This is a great community in Thornton with homes starting in the upper $300,000 range, so it’s great for first-time homebuyers. I will describe buying a new build as opening a bran new pair of shoes just a lot more important, or watching a your new brand new Honda Civic pull out of the bay as you look forward to being the first one to put the miles on it.
One of the first and most important things to know about new builds is that they have quick move-ins where you can get into the house in 30 to 60 days. Builders have spec homes, and sometimes homes fall out of contract with the original buyer. Don’t be afraid of a new build because you think you have to wait nine months or more. In many cases, you can still pick out colors and flooring and really make it your own.
As you take pride in ownership, you are the first one to actually live in this beautiful new home and you get to bask in the ambiance of it not having any hibby gibbys. Why? Because no one has lived in the home, you don't have to worry about any dead people that have died in it or bad vibes that may have been left by the previous owner. What a good feeling right?
When buying a new build, it’s important to identify an agent you trust to work with because they’ll help you identify things in the builder contract that you need to pay attention to, like the three to four different levels of warranty that a new build has. Home builders actually like working with Realtors and they build the agent’s fee into the contract. That means as a buyer, you won’t pay for the Realtor’s services—the builder does.
After you’ve completed the contract and you’re excited and ready to move in, every builder will allow a final walkthrough before you actually close on the home. At this time, they’ll give you some tape to flag anything you’re worried about. Make sure you do things like open every door to check for jambs and look for chipped or bleeding paint. Even in the home we’re looking at, there’s a bit of paint on the hardwood flooring near the baseboard in the bedroom, and builders can take care of that if you flag it. Flip on every light switch and even bring something electronic you can plug into every outlet to make sure they work.
“Even if you buy a brand-new house, it’s important to work with a Realtor you trust.”
In the bathrooms, make sure the hot and cold water work correctly and that the stoppers work in the tub. Make sure the thermostat and all the mechanics in the home work as well. You can even bring a mug to fill with water to test the microwave.
These reasons are why it’s so important to use a Realtor when buying. You’re paying good money on a new build, so you want to make sure you get what you need and what the builder promised.
If you have any questions about new builds, give us a call or send us an email. You can also see all of the new build communities on our website here. We look forward to helping you!